HEAVY DUTY carbon steel grilling/searing plate with forged 'Black' stainless steel handle and steel rivets.

Available  in ROUND or SQUARE

Sizes : Round : 26 cm . Square : 26 x 26 cm

Weight : approx 2.5 kg

Also known as a PLANCHA or CHAPA . A solid carbon steel steel plate with a sturdy forged and riveted handle. Our plates are pre-seasoned and ready to cook on, perfect for 'smash' burgers, searing steaks or charring veg. Just heat on the bbq or over the fire, add some oil and cook. 

Great to use with our BBQ GRILL PRESS.

The solid carbon steel plate will heat up evenly, retain the heat and reduce hot fat dripping into the fire - less flare up, less burning  ... better flavour!

The searing plates are made from hot rolled carbon steel sheet - may come with some manufacturing texture on the surface. This does not effect the quality of the product.

Grill plate should be seasoned again on first use - Heat over the fire until smoking hot, apply vegetable oil with a cotton cloth (CAUTION : plate will be very hot!) leave to cool until warm and then wipe clean. Grill plate is now ready to cook on.

'Black' stainless is created when the steel is heated to over 850 degrees and a dark oxide forms on the surface. This oxide is then lightly polished and oiled but not removed, leaving a dark grey patina.