A full set of 16 stainless steel skewers for the BBQ

4 x Double Skewers ; 6 Single Skewers ; 6 BBQ Spikes

1 x Hand stitched leather roll

Length :  56 cm

Width : open  19 cm ; rolled up 10 cm

The ultimate BBQ skewer set is perfect for any keen fire chef or bbq maestro, all wrapped up in a hand stitched goat leather roll made by our friends at Billy Tannery.

"Billy Tannery is a new kind of leather company. After discovering that not one goat hide left over from the UK food industry was being tanned here, we decided to do something. Tapping into local leather knowledge we built a pioneering microtannery and our sustainable, bark-tanned goat leather now completes the circle from food to leather. Our growing range of quality leather goods is designed and made in England to celebrate this exceptional material." Jack Millington , Founder.

The skewers can be used for practically any BBQ cooking - burgers, sausages, veggies, kababs or even a whole chicken - just add ingredients and imagination !

Tip : Stainless steel can eventually rust if left on another steel surface (like your BBQ) for any length of time. Best thing is to use, wash, dry and store inside.