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Spun carbon steel base with forged stainless steel handles and copper rivets.

Total width: 30cm

Pan width: 11 inch / 27.5cm
Pan depth: 5cm

Weight : 1.4 kg

Alex Pole's 11" / 27.5cm Skillet promises seriously old school cooking and is perfect for any keen chef.

Ideal for searing, grilling or frying meat, eggs and fish, simmering sauces or sautéing vegetables. Naturally non-stick properties with no chemical coating, just well-seasoned steel. Quick to heat up with superb uniform heat distribution for better cooking.

Heat source
Safe to use on induction hob, gas hob, electric hob, grill, oven or open fire. 

Tip: all our pans and skillets are pre-seasoned with rapeseed oil and baked to give a sealed finish. This makes our pans ready-to-use out of the box.  

Please read our Care & Use page for more information on how to care for your pan.

The spinning process makes our pans very smooth, and naturally non-stick, but they do require frequent re-seasoning to maintain the surface. The more the pan is used the better it will perform.

All FORGE KITCHENWARE pans and skillets are individually handcrafted. Natural marks and scratches that occur during the making process are considered attributes that add character, beauty and uniqueness to the pan and in no way affect function.