A full set of stainless steel utensils for the BBQ

1 x Fire Rake : 1 x BBQ Tongs : 1 x BBQ Spatula : 1 x BBQ Fork : 4 x Skewers

1 x Canvas roll

Length : 49 cm

Width : 11 cm

The ultimate BBQ tool set is ideal for any keen fire chef or bbq maestro, all wrapped up in a beautiful canvas roll made by our friend Ali at Francli Craftwear in Cornwall.

The rake is for moving hot coals around in the BBQ giving you more heat control during cooking. The Skewers, Fork, Spatula and Tongs can be used for burgers, sausages, veggies, kababs or even a whole chicken - just add ingredients and imagination !

'Black' stainless is created when the steel is heated to over 850 degrees and a dark oxide forms on the surface. This oxide is then lightly polished and oiled but not removed.

Tip : The stainless steel tools can eventually rust if left on another steel surface (like your BBQ) for any length of time. Best thing is to use, wash, dry and store inside.