Earthenware wine jugs hand thrown by Paul Jessop at Barrington Pottery in Somerset with a Mustard Yellow glaze.

Small - Height - 12 cm : Width - 9 cm : Holds around 2 glasses

Medium - Height - 16 cm : Width - 11 cm : Holds around 4 glasses

(sizes do vary as each piece is made individually)

Perfect for serving water or wine and each one is stamped with The Forge makers mark.

A few words from Paul -

" These traditional Devon Jugs were made up until very recently in Barnstaple , North Devon. You can find old ones in Antique shops but prices vary wildly and so does the quality.and hold well over 1 pint of water or wine, they also make a great country looking vase.Paul says "As a child I used to watch the old guys making these in Barnstaple, now I'm one of the old guys and one of the few people in the UK still making them"