Axes are one of mankind's oldest tools. With this versatile tool we have been able to build, feed, defend and warm ourselves for thousands of years. It is useful, not only for forest workers but also skilled craftspeople and householders alike. A beautifully crafted axe will last through the generations.

The day 

Learn how to forge a simple hatchet over the course of a weekend.

DAY 1 - Forging the axe head.

DAY 2 - Finish forging session. Hardening, tempering, grinding and handle fitting.

The goal of this course is that each participant will take home their own hand forged axe. No previous experience required.

Alex travelled to Sweden in 2014 to learn axe making at Gransfors Bruks, the world renown axe making company. There he discovered a love of making these tools and has spent the following years honing his skills and perfecting his style - this is what he would like to teach to others.

Further Information

Courses are run at The Forge, South Harp Farm Yard, Over Stratton, Somerset TA13 5LB 
Please arrive at 8.45am. Plenty of parking available.
All meals are provided (as well as tea, coffee) - so you just need to arrive and we provide the rest.
There is also free camping in the orchard adjacent to the forge and space for campers or caravans.
Please wear good work clothes and sturdy shoes or boots. Steel toecaps not essential.
All equipment and safety gear will be provided. If you have a favourite hammer bring it along.
hat No previous experience is needed for this course.
info Please advise if you have any specific dietary requirements or medical conditions.