Fire and Forge

£340 2 day course

This special two day course is a collaboration between The Forge and The Bristol Fire School run by Genevieve Taylor aka @GenevieveEats.

Day 1 – Forging fire cooking utensils. We will learn the traditional skills that a blacksmith uses to make tools. We will forge a set of skewers, a fire rake and a BBQ fork. All these will then be put to use with Genevieve and Fire Cooking School.

Day 2 – All aspects of fire cooking will be covered using the tools that you have forged the previous day.

Throughout the day we will cover :

  • barbecue cooking – fast and slow grilling
  • wood fired ovens
  • open fire cooking, using wood, including tripod cooking
  • smoking foods – what woods to use
  • what fuels to use – different woods, different charcoals, how to light the most ecological sound fires.

Genevieve is one of the UK’s top fire cooks and the author of 10 cookery books, including the best selling CHARRED, a vegetable barbecue book, and THE ULTIMATE WOOD FIRED OVEN COOK BOOK.

Upcoming Dates

15 May
24 Sep

9am - 5pm

This is an extremely enjoyable but physical day working in the forge. We work through several projects that enable you to learn the techniques that blacksmiths have used throughout the ages, and at the end of the two days you will take home all your forged metalwork.

Open fire cooking is sometimes weather dependent – we will move to plan B if the weather is extremely bad . Please bring both working cloths, for in the forge, and suitable outdoor clothing for the fire cooking day.

There are a maximum of 8 places on each course making this an intense and fun day but also allowing you to progress at your own pace.

further information

  • Courses are run at The Forge, South Harp Farm Yard, Over Stratton, Somerset TA13 5LB
  • Please arrive at 8.45am. Plenty of parking available.
  • 07947184016
  • All meals are provided (as well as tea, coffee) - so you just need to arrive and we provide the rest.
  • Free on the evening of the course
  • Please wear good work clothes and sturdy shoes or boots. Steel toecaps not essential.
  • All equipment and safety gear will be provided. If you have a favourite hammer bring it along.
  • No previous experience is needed for this course.
  • Please advise if you have any specific dietary requirements or medical conditions.

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