Carved by hand in the West Country.

Large : L - 30cm . Bowl - 5cm

Small : L - 13cm . Bowl - 5cm

Traditional, elegant and sturdy. Carved by hand with an axe and knives from ethically sourced wood, decorated with milk paint and treated with pure linseed oil.

All spoons are tool finished to leave a smooth surface, no sandpaper is used in the process.

Wood type and milk paint colours may vary.
"How to carve a cooking spoon" :

- Start by splitting the wood using an axe and a big whacker (technical term).
- Still with the axe, roughly shape the spoon. The closer to the final shape, the less knife work to do.
- Use a carving knife to refine the shape. It’s very easy to be complacent and cut yourself so by learning safe techniques and making them habit, accidents become very few and far between.
- Hollow the bowl of the spoon using a knife with a curved blade
- Lastly is to soften some of the edges with the carving knife. These cuts are important as they make the spoon more comfortable to use and more durable.
The spoon is left to dry for a few days before painting the handle, or leave it au natural. Milk paint is used to decorate these spoons ; it’s a mix of milk protein, lime powder and natural pigment that just needs water. Once the paint is dry, treat the spoon with pure linseed oil. This helps to waterproof the spoon and bring the colour of the wood out really nicely. After a few more days to let the oil dry (sunlight really helps speed this up), the spoon is ready.